Cleaning Up after a New Years Eve Party

Most people enjoy planning and attending New Years Eve parties but cleaning up after a New Years Eve party isn’t always high on most people’s lists of favorite activities. However, if you plan to host a New Years Eve party in your home you have to consider how you will clean up after the big […]

All Natural, Chemical Free At Home Dry Cleaning Methods

Perchloroethylene, better known as perc, is used by 80 percent of dry cleaners in the United States as a solvent to wash clothes that are “dry clean only.” Despite its effectiveness, the use of this chemical has been linked to a range of health side effects and has recently come under heavy public scrutiny. With […]

Cleaning Your Home’s Floor

I know that many will agree with me when I say cleaning floor messes is one of the worst parts of house cleaning. It is hard to find a mop that really works well, no matter what the commercials try to tell you. I think that I may have found and tried just about every […]