Professional Roof Cleaning to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s roof is its first line of defense from the elements – whether the sun is blazing or rain is pouring, it protects your family by taking a beating. Over time, your roof can experience a variety of contaminants including algae, mold, dirt, pollen, and much more. Not only will that nasty green algae or those unsightly black streaks hurt your home’s curb appeal – they eat away at the material, causing the roof to deteriorate quickly. To combat this, you need a professional team to clean your roof the right way (and yes, there is a wrong way).

Gleam Power Washing has years of experience in all aspects of home and office cleaning, both interior and exterior. Our team has been specially trained in the soft wash method of roof cleaning that won’t leave you with damaged shingles, shifted tiles, or leaks.

If your roof is looking worse for wear and you want it cleaned safely and correctly, call us today at 678-774-8250!

Why Power Washing is Dangerous for Your Roof

High powered, water-based power washing is often the first thought homeowners have when they begin to consider a roof cleaning. However, the force used by this type of pressure washing can damage your roof, whether you have tile or shingles. Reaching as much as 4,500 PSI, pressure washing can shift tile and force water underneath, leading to leaks and other costly issues. Even worse, this damage can void your warranty and likely won’t be covered by your insurance.

What is Gleam Cleaning’s Soft Wash Approach?

Gleam’s soft wash approach uses an air pneumatic system to push the proper cleaning chemicals onto the roof rather than damaging, high-pressure water. Once applied, the foam-based chemicals will slowly run down your roof, cleaning it safely without risk of damage. We then rinse this roof shampoo off with water at pressures comparable to that of a garden hose. This method maximizes cleanliness by cutting through the algae and bacteria while minimizing the risk of damage.

dirty roof shingles